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Some ex-church customers I satisfied did admit that they experienced damaging reactions to your Xenu Tale, but by the time they figured out it they had presently invested so much of their life invested in Scientology, they really had no individual will to walk away -- at the very least at that point.

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Certainly, the unflappable Crowe hired a little bit more safety of his individual, amid them a previous Australian rugby participant who served as his individual bodyguard -- simply because even a suicide bomber would Believe 2 times right before working afoul of somebody that considers this a activity:

I've penned about Weller before -- he crammed me in on what Scientology was like back while in the heady days of the late '60s in Greenwich Village.

But then, not long ago, I had a completely new realization about what church customers go through just before they reach OT 3.

I could see what he was expressing, but after spending a lot money and time -- numerous thousands of pounds and several decades of perseverance to achieve OT three -- was not it a shock for Scientologists to understand this was what their religion is really all about?

Some stat’s I prefer to see: one) Percentage of OT’s that have left S. 2) List of senior exec’s which have left vs the ones that nonetheless are there. three) List of people who worked straight for LRH or DM that remaining.

Commonly, a star's best enemy comes in the form of a particularly scathing critic. But some famous individuals have the misfortune of turning into the concentrate on of a shadowy cabal that's prepared to suspend their scientology beliefs in spanish world-dominance campaign to simply harass that dude from that piece-of-shit movie about the chatting Pet dog/automobile/chimpanzee with a doctorate.

You realize LRH stated that L-twelve tends to make “a secure thetan exterior” and that the L Rundowns “came, really, in the OT grades.”

But only individuals that have attained the highest levels within the Group are provided usage of the information.

This Twitter genius was repeating the road that “scientology has expanded a lot more in the last ten years than during the 50 a long time Beforehand.” (I questioned him whether he measured this in “vacant real estate bought” or “# lies told”. The discussion didn’t go significantly from there.) This “final ten years” is often a variation of many of the other doozies Miscavige has tossed out about “47X enlargement” and “Just about every best org sees 10X enlargement.

With video footage that's in several scenarios totally staged but introduced as “news” model footage (funny that this is what they allege about the Aftermath clearly show — it is actually “staged and scripted”). And they convey to them which the media (yes, Most of the media) are engaged within a conspiracy to suppress The excellent news about scientology and make up lies about it when they do point scientology beliefs controversy out it.

I have blogged about this on several instances, but I thought I'd revisit a wonderful graphic completed by the fantastic Jefferson Hawkins some time in the past. There are some things that need to have updating (like the whole range of Energetic dumb scientology beliefs scientologists has become unquestionably lower than 40,000).

Either you can be saved by way of Hubbard’s auditing system, which guarantees to present folks “complete spiritual independence and serenity,” or we're saved by putting our faith in what Jesus Christ did about the cross, although not the two.

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